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And The Revolution Starts

It was in 1992 when Sport Axe was conceptualized with a vision to produce premium English willow and Tennis Cricket Bats for players in India and around the world. Today in 2021, it been more than 29 years since we started produce these fine blades which have now become an identity in an around the globe. Sport Axe in the beginning was more about a passion than a profession as the founder himself had represented Uttar Pradesh in state cricket. Sport Axe began with producing Kashmir Willow cricket Bats as they were in great demand, 29 years later we produce more than 100 English Willow Bats everyday and they are sold in India and different parts of the country.

1992 to 2022, Sport Axe has stood like a strong wood amongst the novice cricketers and professional players. Our quality and expertise in making bats has only multiplied in last 3 decades as we have added more horizons. We produce all kinds of cricket equipment’s ranging from batting pads, gloves, helmets, leather balls, thigh guards and much more. Sport Axe today stands at a point where cricket runs in the veins of our every employee and every stakeholder.

In 1992, we were a team of 2 people. Today the strength of our team is 30. Our employees are what we describe as grade 1 English willow blades, our craftsmen have made us what we are, they have toiled hard, perfected their art and produced thousands of fine quality bats in last 29 years. English Willow Bats are not an easy thing to create, it takes years of practice to perfect that fine willow and make it just optimum for a cricketer. There were times when our Bats were rejected for being just a few grams off the required weight. But today, 29 years later, we stand as a bastion of perfection and expertise in making English willow cricket bats. Our Bats are exported in over 13 countries in 6 continents. We keep reinventing ourselves with every passing day, learning new paradigm and creating new experiences for pour players.

Sport Axe has produced over a million cricket bats in last 29 years and we hope to produce many million more bats in next 30 years. It’s a revolution which ahs just started and it is not going to wane anytime soon. #sportaxe #cricket #cricketbats #cricketgear


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