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Dimensions of your Cricket Bat?

Cricket Bats that are sold around the world are governed by standard dimension set by ICC. Dimensions ranging from its length, edge, face, grip and handle are clearly defined. However, there is no struct rule about any specific dimensions which can be used.

ICC has laid down a series of dimensions which are to be followed by the cricketers which includes its length, edge etc. Most cricket bats in SH size which are used by adult cricketers are about 33 inches in height which can vary to 34 and even 35 inches. The ICC has clearly dictated that a Cricket bat cannot be longer than 38 inches or 96 cm. Most cricketers however tend to play with a bat less than 33 inches in height and hardly anyone in international cricket uses a bat which is longer than 36 inches currently. Similarly, a cricket bat cannot have a edge greater than 40 mmm or 1.56 inches. There is a huge demand in the market nowadays about bats with big edges but a bat with an edge bigger than 4 cm will not be accepted in any standard tournament.

The total width of cricket bat cannot be longer than 4.25 inches or 108 mm, most cricketers use cricket bats which have a width les than 100 mm. The cricketers are free to use cricket bats of any bats, but most cricket bats in modern cricket are in 1100—1300 gm category. Until the 20th century heavier bats were a rage in cricket but nowadays players have started preferring lighter bats as game has changed and players want to have quick hand movements and rely more on timing instead of power.

Depending on the age groups, Cricket Bats come in different sizes ranging from size number 1 to Size number 6 and then Harrow size and Super Harrow size. Most cricketers above the age of 15 use SH and H size cricket bats only while junior cricketers can use Bat of any size depending on the age and height of the player.

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