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How much should you spent on an English willow Bat ???

Prices of English willow cricket bats are through the roof nowadays. Until a few years back, the most expensive bats in the market were available for just Rs.15,000. But nowadays, sky is the limit. Big brands are selling their bats for as high as Rs. 1,00,000 and people are buying these ridiculously expensive bats.

Rs 1 lakh for a cricket Bat is a ridiculous amount, one can buy a good motorcycle in that amount. But nowadays everything is selling at anything. There is no bar and big brands are lapping onto the cricket bat buying frenzy. While the prices of Kashmir willow cricket Bats have been stagnant for years. The prices of English willow cricket bats have crossed all limits as people to shelling any amount to buy a b at which is used by international cricketers.

However, the price of bat alone is not the factor you should look for while buying a bat. Just because a bat is expensive does not mean you will magically start scoring big runs. Bat does play a major role in your batting but it is not everything. And if you are shelling 1 lakh rupees for a cricket bat then the only reason is that you don’t care about money and are swayed away by the frenzy.

While buying a cricket bat, the first thing you should look for is what kind of player you are, are you a professional cricketer or are you a rookie who just plays one in a awhile. If you are just starting, the best strategy would be to buy a Kashmir willow cricket bat, we at Sport Axe will help you buy the best Kashmir willow for you. If you play cricket at clubs or on Sundays then an English willow Bat under 5,000 would be good. The balance of the bat would be more important than the willow as you are not a regular player and expensive bats will break against substandard balls.

If you are a professional player who is looking forward to making a career in cricket, you can look forward to buying bats over Rs. 10,000 but even in that case, the balance of the bat would be of more importance than the price or the Bat. So don’t get swayed by the price frenzy of cricket bat. It is more important ton buy a bat as per your style of batting and how often you play. We at Sport Axe will always be there for you to help you buy the best quality English willow cricket bats for you at a reasonable price.


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