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Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats are amazing

When it comes to cricket bats, the first thing that comes into minds of everyone is English willow cricket bats. English willow cricket bats are considered the pinnacle of perfection while all other kinds of willows like Kashmir, Australian, Himachal are considered inferior and thus they sell cheap. Now it is important to note that both Kashmir willow cricket Bat and English willow cricket bats are produced from the same tree which Salix, however, the prices of both of them vary significantly.

So, why is it that Kashmir willow cricket bats are selling dirt cheap while prices of English willow cricket bats are through the roof? Are English willow cricket bats better than Kashmir willow cricket bats? Are Kashmir willow bats inferior? Well, this is what the prices of Kashmir willow Bats make us believe. Everyone thinks that Kashmir willow bats are not suitable for leather ball cricket while English willow cricket bats re perfect for playing with leather balls.

The difference between Kashmir willow cricket bats and English willow cricket Bats is up to 10 times and even more. Kashmir willows struggle to sell while English willows are always in high demand. The reality, however, is that Kashmir willow cricket bats re as good as English willow cricket bats. Kashmir willow cricket bats take a bit of time in the beginning to open up for Strokeplay, while English willow cricket bats come naturally. Kashmir willow bats need some knocking with a hanging ball or hammer as the willow is hard in nature and takes time to open. Kashmir willow bats don’t make the kind of ping that English willow bats make in the beginning, but once you knock your Kashmir willow cricket bat properly, the ping is as good as an English willow cricket bat. In fact, in many cases, a Kashmir willow cricket Bat is even better than a English willow cricket Bat.

Kashmir willow cricket bats have a lifespan at least twice as long as English willow cricket bat and they last longer. Kashmir willow cricket bats do not break even while playing against very fast bowling. Kashmir willow cricket bat are perfect for players who are rough players and tend to play rough shot. English willow cricket bats can break in just a couple of wrong shot but Kashmir willow cricket bats last very long. So, while buying a bat next time, make sure that you don’t look down upon a Kashmir willow cricket bat. We at Sport Axe manufacture some of the finest Kashmir willow cricket bat which will outlast every kind of willow that you will find.

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