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Meerut is the biggest Cricket Bat making city in the world

When people hear about Meerut the first thing that enters their mind is the wild wild west. Meerut had developed a reputation of a city with very high crime rate during the 20th century. Bollywood has always portrayed Meerut in a bad light and it was for long only known as a high crime city.

But there is different city to the story, a side which is often not talked about and most people are unaware of. Meerut is one of the richest cities in the country with a very high per capita income, high per capita consumption and high per capita GDP. As per Morgan Stanley cities report 2011. Meerut was the second-best city in India in consumption index and 5th best city in India in vibrancy index. It was actually in Meerut than freedom movement of 1857 started, it was in Meerut that last meeting of Indian constituent assembly was held and constitution of India came into being. Meerut is also one of the western corners of Indus valley civilization. Capital of Pandavas- Hastinapur is in Meerut district and most of Mahabharata revolves around places in Meerut district.

Now coming onto the sports part-Meerut is known as the sports city of India because of hundreds of sports companies in Meerut, some companies like Bhalla international, SG, SS, SF, Stag, Metco etc. are world famous and their equipment are supplied all over the world. Meerut is the biggest exporter of sports equipment in India and equipment of about 70 sports are manufactured in Meerut. The total value of sports industry in Meerut is over $5 billion dollars or about 35,000 crores.

When it comes to cricket bats and equipment, Meerut is the biggest manufacturer and exporter in India with an estimated revenue of over 5,000 crores. SG ,SS ,SF , Sport Axe are leading the cricket bats segment from Meerut city and there isn’t a country in the world which does not use cricket equipment from Meerut. Almost every cricketer from India and around the world has visited Meerut at least once to buy a cricket bat. The bat makers of Meerut are so talented that even international players from far off countries visits Meerut just so that they can get their bats ready as per their requirements. Making bats for international players is not an easy thing as it requires immense precision and craft. But Meerut tops the chart in all metrics and other cities don’t even come close.

So, when you talk about Meerut next time, remember that Meerut is one of the best cities in India and a major export powerhouse. Cricket Bats from Meerut are rage all over the world and we at Sport Axe are proud of our city’s rich heritage and expertise in Sports equipment making.

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