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Weight of Your Cricket Bat

While you are buying a cricket bat, one of the first things that comes into your mind is how much it should weigh, should it be a heavy bat or should it be light as a feather. Different players have different styles of playing and thus they prefer different weights for their cricket bats. While power hitter prefers heavy bats, players who prefer to rely on timing and quick hand movements prefer light weight bats.

Kl Rahul and Hardik Pandya are two India cricketers who play with very light weight English willow bats, they prefer bats in the weight range of1100-1150 gm, which is considered very light. MS Dhoni used to play with a weight which was heavier and would often weigh over 1300 gm. Sachin Tendulkar was a fan of heavy cricket bats and he used to play with bats which were heavier than 1300gm . In fact Sachin was known for playing with the heaviest bats in Indian cricket.

When you go out to buy a Bat for yourself, make sure that you buy a bat which is perfect for your style of batting. Heavier Bats require immense strength of fore arms to handle weight and thus they are not advised for players with a petite body. We at Sport Axe solve this problem which players often face by making a customized bats for every cricketer. Our English willow and Kashmir willow cricket bats are designed after due consultation with the players and we keep in mind their requirements. Even a gram of weight can create difference in stroke play of international and national players and thus every gram of weight in our Bats is duly monitored and customized.

English willow Bats tend to be lighter than Kashmir Willow Bats by default, which is why English willow bats are a rage and are preferred by cricketers all across the globe. When you place a Bat order with Sport Axe, you will receive a call from our team about the kind of Bat you want to buy. We will duly note every little requirement including your style of play and then create a bat for you on the basis of your requirement, your style of play and your batting order in the team. so, while buying a Bat make sure that the weight is optimum for you and fits in your style of play.


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