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Why buy Bats from Sport Axe ???

Cricket is no longer just a sport in India, it has now become a religion. From metro cities to rural India, you will find everyone playing cricket. It is not just a career option, but rather heart and soul of our country. People miss no chance to play cricket in India-from roads, to roof and anywhere people find a but of space. Now when you are buying bats for playing cricket, one important question that bothers is which brand to choose. There is no dearth of companies which are selling cricket bats in India nowadays. In almost every town there is company selling cricket bats. But with this there is also a massive spike in duplicate, frauds and substandard cricket bats. People are selling and buying anything without having any knowledge about the willow, its quality and their own requirements. We at Sport Axe solve this problem of yours by making sure that you get to lay your hand on premium quality, English willow cricket and Kashmir Willow cricket Bats. Our willow for making bats is imported from the best willow sellers in Essex and Sussex in England. Then we follow the process of grading wherein we sort out willow basis their quality, number of grains, softness etc. Every Bat that we produce at our factory is refined and graded by a process of quality check. Every Bats is well oiled and every little detail is taken care of including weight, edges, handle etc. We at Sport Axe make our Bats on order, even if it is just one Bat, before making a Bat we speak with our customers about the kind of bat they want including their weight, height, edge, grip, handle and bat face requirements. Each and every point and need are thoroughly discussed before we start making your personalized bat. Your Bat is exclusively yours as it has been produced for your style of batting. A lot of times we come across players who don’t have much of an idea about the kind of Bat they want, in such cases we guide people about what exactly they should be buying. Cricket Bat is not just about paying high charges or looking at number of grains, it is a lot more. Balance in a cricket b at is one of the most important features as even the most expensive willows can be bad if they do not have the right balance. At Sport Axe we are making cricket bats from last 29 years, in last 3 decades we have perfected the art of making cricket bats. From selecting the best willow for you to giving it that fine balance, we make sure that every bat is a piece of art.

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