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SX BEAST was first designed for county cricketers in England, and since then, it has been used by cricketers globally. The premium range gloves come equipped with imported materials that provide it strength and lightness. Once you use SX Pro, other varieties of Gloves will feel inferior. Its a symbol of our excellence and craft.


₹4,200.00 Regular Price
₹3,360.00Sale Price
  • SX BEASTBatting Gloves come with A Hook & Loop Closure, This Cricket Batting Glove Is Designed Using A-Okay Cotton, Leather, & Foam and Weighs Around 300 Grams.

    - Comes with pre-curved cotton-filled rolls for better protection, resilience, and extra comfort. This cricket batting glove is versed with a lightweight slim design and is available with a Patat Leather palm.

    -The Offered Batting Glove Is Made Using Premium-Grade PU And Cotton Palm Leather Patching. 
    The Offered Batting Glove Is Ideal For both Right-Handed and Left Handed Batsmen And Is Versed With A Hook & Loop Type Closure.

    -Long Self Life:-This Batting Glove is An Excellent Piece Of Equipment For Cricket Players. Stitched Using Top-Notch PVC

    -Available With Cotton-Filled Finger Rolls and Thumbs, This Pair Of Cricket Gloves Is Versed With A Toweled Wristband That Ensures A Comfortable Fit.